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Read the book or watch the movie? Most people prefer to watch the movie. Video is a great way to market your business and deliver your unique messages.  

Once upon a time, producing videos for a small business was an extremely expensive undertaking. Even if you did manage to produce a video back when, the best media outlet to utilize your video was basically limited to television ads. 

While high quality video production can still get expensive, YouTube is a great alternative that allows you to create and market videos for free.

Today, video has more uses than ever for marketing a small business. Here are just a few: 

Search Engines.  Video is another form of content, and search engines like Google, BING and Yahoo love content. Search engines aren’t solely focused on written content. They love video too! 

Videos for your website.  Including videos on your website is an excellent way to enhance the user experience for people who visit your site. This has a significant impact on conversion rates. Conversions are telephone calls and messages from visitors to your website that are potential new customers or new patients. The increase in conversion rates can be quite high. We have seen video increase conversion rates by as much as 40%. 

Videos for your blog.   Embedding videos in blog articles is a productive tactic that will enhance your blog. Some businesses even have separate blogs devoted entirely to videos. These are called “video blogs” or “vlogs”. 

Videos for press releases. Many on-line press release service features provide the ability to link to a video in your press release. That distinguishes your press release and gets it noticed.   

Videos for social media sites. Posting videos on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn is an excellent opportunity to engage with your friends and followers. 

Videos for Citation and link building on internet directories.  When building the listing for your business on the variety of internet directory sites, your videos should be added to your listing. There are also specific video sites on the internet that allow you to upload your video, input your business information (a citation) and link to your website. 

Videos for email marketing campaigns.  Each time a video is produced, it makes for a good email marketing campaign that features the video. 

Video Pay Per Click Campaigns.  Google Adwords allows you to conduct pay per click campaigns specifically for video. These types of video PPC campaigns can be extremely economical and very effective. When you’re running video PPC campaigns, you’re taking advantage of the power of YouTube. 

In 2006, Google acquired a fast growing video site called YouTube. Google invested a lot in acquiring YouTube (over $1.5 billion) and it has been working hard to get a good return on that investment. YouTube is extremely popular and very powerful. People are conducting searches on YouTube using keyword phrases much like they do on Google.  YouTube is an opportunity you don’t want to ignore. 

A YouTube Channel should be established for your business. This is yet another opportunity to create a citation for the business as well as link to your website. Upload videos to your YouTube Channel and make sure your videos are optimized for searches. That means having appropriate titles for each video, writing descriptions for each video, and creating tags for each video that are relevant to the content of the applicable video. 

When a YouTube Channel is created, it should have a distinctive image just like TV Channels do. When you think of NBC, ABC, ESPN, FOX, CBS, DISCOVERY and FOOD NETWORK, they all have unique brands. While you don’t have to get as sophisticated as these major TV networks, this is an opportunity to distinguish yourself much like these major TV networks do. 

The most exciting thing about YouTube is that it is relatively young. Its full power and potential is yet to be seen. Being positioned to take advantage of what YouTube has to offer both now and in the future is important.

TV Advertising Campaigns. Television remains a very popular and effective media option. There are a variety of alternatives TV stations offer to accomodate small businesses with limited budgets. Don't discount TV advertising thinking it is too expensive. Once opportunities are explored, you may be surprised with the options and the cost.  

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you produce videos and TV campaigns for your business.

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