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Search Engine Optimization or SEO

For most people, SEO (which is the acronym for search engine optimization) sounds mysterious and complicated.  This is why most business owners are bombarded by all types of marketing and advertising information from SEO firms about how SEO will either make or break your business in today’s world.  

SEO does involve many moving parts and is very detailed, However, it really isn’t all that mysterious or complicated. In fact, a lot of plain, old-fashioned common sense and fundamentals of marketing are involved with SEO.   

While SEO is important, it’s only one ingredient in the many ingredients of a successful marketing recipe. By itself, it will not make or break a business. In fact, there are some businesses where spending a lot of time and resources on SEO may not make much sense at all. In general however, being effective with SEO will most likely enhance your internet marketing efforts and the overall results from your marketing program. Therefore, it is an important element. 

Because the term “SEO” is thrown around so frequently and used rather loosely, let’s first define it. Search engine optimization is the process of affecting the visibility of a website, a webpage, a blog article, an on-line press release, a video uploaded to the internet, a photo posted on the internet or any other type of content in a search engine’s natural or organic (non-paid) rankings.  The more visible your content is on a search engine (i.e. the higher the content ranks on a search engine and the more frequent it appears within search results), the more probability that piece of content will be utilized by people searching on the internet.   

As highlighted above, SEO involves many different types of search.  It’s not just about websites and written content. SEO also targets image (photo) search, video search, local search, address search (maps), news and much more.  Just look at the options on Google’s Toolbar and note how they accommodate these different types of searches. 

The practice of SEO involves understanding how internet search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo work, what people are searching for on these search engines, how people are conducting their searches (keywords and keyword phrases being used) and tactics to attract and gain favor with search engines. 

SEO is not stagnant by any means. It’s constantly evolving because search engines are continually modifying how they rank content in order to provide the best quality results and combat those who are trying to manipulate search result rankings. In addition, people using search engines are continually changing the way they conduct searches and the keywords and keyword phrases they use to search.
We can help your small business understand search engine optimization and the different ways to be found by internet search engines.  We can also make sure you are maximizing your SEO efforts and staying up to date on the latest changes being made by search engines so you can react accordingly.     

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you with search engine optimization for your small business.

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