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Press Releases (On-line and Off)

Press releases are a traditional form of marketing and public relations that are still a worthwhile tool today. In fact, the 
internet has provided more opportunities to enhance how a press release gets utilized. 

There are many opportunities that present themselves continually when you are focused on press releases. The following are some examples:

New employee joins your company. 
You or an employee is a speaker at an event. 
Your business sponsors a charity, little league team, event, etc. 
Your business launches a new product or service. 
One of your customers or patients is doing something extraordinary. 
You join a local association or group. 

The list could go on and on. The thing to remember is to come up with press release ideas that are authentic, relevant and genuine. Press releases should not be directly trying to “sell” nor should they be “gimmicky”. If they are, they probably won’t get picked up either on-line or off-line, providing you with no real benefit. 

Once you have written your press release, it should be submitted for both on-line and off-line use. Though there are countless outlets to submit your release to form local newspapers to on-line services. 

Contact us to discuss press release strategies and opportunities for your business. 

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