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Pay Per Click Campaigns

Pay Per Click or PPC can be a very effective tool that allows you to get immediate visibility on certain internet search engines and social media sites. When you run a Pay Per Click Campaign, you will be charged each time someone “clicks” on your Pay Per Click Advertisement. When a person does “click” on your advertisement, it takes them to your website. The placement of your PPC advertisement is based on an amount you bid for that placement.

Advertising is about getting your message in front of people. Everyone understands that. When it comes to being found on internet search engines like Google, BING and Yahoo, it comes down to organic search results and pay per click. To get highly visible organic rankings on search engines, it takes time. With PPC, you can obtain visibility literally the same day. Both organic search rankings and PPC are useful to maximize your visibility on search engines. 

PPC campaigns are easily controlled, managed and tracked.

You can budget the amount of money you want to spend on PPC. 
You can select specific and targeted keywords to display your PPC advertisement.
You can limit where the advertisements are shown to a defined geographical region.
You can control the date of when the PPC campaign will start and the date of when it will end. This can be especially useful for date sensitive campaigns like contents and special offers.
You can see how many times your advertisements are being displayed (known as “Impressions”). 
You can see the number of times your advertisement is being “clicked”. 
You also have the ability to see if that “click” to your website resulted in a telephone call or message to your business (the term for this is “Conversion”). You can also take it a step further and see if the telephone call or message to your business created a sale and how much that sale was worth. 
When you do all of this, you will be able to determine your “Return on Investment” or “ROI”. 

The one thing to remember with any PPC campaign is to constantly monitor it so you can control it. If you put your PPC campaigns on auto-pilot and don’t monitor them, you can spend a lot of money with little to show for it. Information is power and PPC provides a lot of good information. 

So where are the opportunities to run PPC campaigns? There are many. We will highlight the PPC opportunities that have been productive in our experience:

Google Adwords – adwords.google.com 

This is Google’s option to run PPC campaigns. Given all the activity the Google search engine produces. This is where you will want to start. If you have videos that you have produced for your business, you can run video PPC campaigns on YouTube using Google Adwords.  

BING Ads – bingads.microsoft.com

BING and Yahoo combined forces for PPC. When you establish an account on BING Ads, you are gaining access to both BING and Yahoo for your PPC campaigns. 


Facebook provides options for PPC campaigns and to promote the posts you make on your Facebook business page. When running Facebook PPC campaigns and promoted posts, your strategy is different than running campaigns on Google, BING and Yahoo. We will review Facebook strategies in more detail in a later chapter.  


Linked-In is a popular social networking tool for business professionals. If you are in a business where you want to target these professionals, Linked-In is a good way to reach them. Similar to Facebook, your Linked-In PPC strategy and advertising messages are going to be unique for Linked-In. 

When you know the targeted audience you want to reach, PPC is an excellent way to get in front of them. 

Contact us to learn more and discuss how pay-per-click campaigns may help your small business. 

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