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Business Plans

A business plan is an essential document and also a critical process for any small business or the development of a new product or service. 

A business plan makes you address every facet of a business and requires you to decide how all these pieces fit together to create a venture that is feasible and eliminate as much risk as possible. 

A typical business plan consists of the following:

1. Executive Summary
2. Vision Statement
3. Description of Business
4. Market Analysis
5. Competition and Competitive Analysis
6. Organizational Chart
7. Operating Procedures
8. Marketing Plan
9. Financial Profroma and Projections
10. Supporting Documents and Appendices

This document has a variety of uses - investors, banks, executives and key employees just to name a few. 

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you write a business plan for your small business or new product line. 

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