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Facebook says it has over 1.1 billion users per month. Twitter reports it has over 550 million active users. Google Plus (Google +) states it has over 500 million users currently. LinkedIn says it has more than 200 million users.  Pinterest has rapidly grown to over 70 million users. 

Social Media is definitely something no business should ignore. However, when it comes to businesses being able to tap into the popularity of these social media sites, it takes a very carefully planned and unique strategy for each of the social media sites you would like to pursue. 

Social media sites are rapidly changing and evolving. From a marketing perspective, they offer a great way to reach an audience you would like to target. Furthermore, they allow you to build long term relationships with people who are or may become new customers or patients. If nurtured properly, these relationships can grow to become a very valuable part of your business in terms of loyal fans and a steady stream of referrals.  

Based on first-hand experience, if you try to conduct “in-your-face” advertising campaigns on social media sites, you probably won’t be successful. That’s not what the social media experience is all about and not what these millions and even billions of users want to see. Social media sites are about being “social”. That means a focus on people, lifestyles and interaction from a social perspective. 

Most businesses that utilize social media sites look at them as an opportunity to directly win over new customers or patients in a short period of time. They begin using social media sites by employing tactics to advertise their product or service just like they would with traditional forms of advertising like print or radio. They may try things like special offers or coupons to get people to act. Over time, these types of tactics can be implemented, but it’s generally not a good idea when you are first starting to use social media sites. Normally, it takes a much different and more subtle approach.  

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