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Contrary to popular belief, print advertising is not dead. They are still printing newspapers, magazines and other publications. More importantly, people are still reading them. That’s why print advertising should not be ignored. It deserves a portion of your marketing budget and it is a vital Ingredient for a winning recipe in marketing your business. 

Print advertising isn’t the dominant force it used to be. The internet has played a huge part in knocking print advertising off its throne. 

It’s important to be as targeted as possible with your print advertising campaigns and look for opportunities that don’t cost a lot of money.  Here are some suggestions for economical and efficient print advertising campaigns:

Community / Neighborhood Publications. 

Almost all major newspapers have opportunities to advertise in geographically specific locations. If your business is located in a major city, we are talking about special editions or special sections of newspapers that focus on the community or neighborhood where your business is located. Using these types of community-specific publications, you are going to reach people who are located in close proximity to your business. Convenience for customers or patients plays a big part in their decision-buying process. 

Industry-Specific and Interest-Specific Publications.

It’s surprising how many industry-specific and interest-specific publications are available. Most of these have a very loyal readership. If your business has customers or patients located within a specific industry or with specific interests (and you do), there are targeted opportunities to reach these people. For example, let’s assume your business is a law firm in Pennsylvania that has a big portion of your practice focused on legal issues associated with the oil and gas industry. There are many publications devoted strictly to oil & gas. There are also publications focused on large land owners such as farmers who own the land where energy companies want to drill. 

Classified Ads. 

Yes, the classifieds ads in newspapers and magazines are advertising opportunities that are underutilized. To effectively utilize classified ads, you need to determine who you want to reach so you can get highly targeted with your ads. Using the example of the Pennsylvania law firm from above, a classified ad in the “Land Acreage For Sale or For Lease” section of the classified ads would reach the right audience. 

Not everyone relies on the internet to search and find products and services. If you’re not taking advantage of highly targeted and cost effective print advertising opportunities, your business may not be reaching all its potential customers or patients. 

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you create print ads and utilize print advertising effectively for your small business.

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