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It’s very important to be diversified in your marketing. In order to maximize your marketing reach, you cannot rely solely on the internet. 

Marketing off-line can be as critical to your success as marketing on-line. An effective off-line tool that you should consider is direct mail. This is especially useful if you need to target people in a very specific geographical region. 

Prior to the internet becoming an effective marketing tool, direct mail pieces flooded mailboxes. At least half the mail received daily was from a variety of different businesses. That isn’t the case anymore. Therefore, there is a lot of opportunity today to get your business noticed in the mailboxes of people you would like to reach. What is old has become new again. 

You might like to know that a big user of direct mail campaigns is Google. That should tell you something when an internet giant like this is using direct mail.     

Direct mail can get expensive and time consuming. In a typical direct mail campaign, you will have costs associated with:

Design of a direct mail piece
Acquiring names and addresses for a mailing list

Because of the time and cost, direct mail is not something most small businesses incorporate into their marketing. However, there’s a great option offered by the United States Postal Service (USPS) that makes direct mail campaigns affordable and efficient.   

Every Door Direct Mail or EDDM is a unique program developed by the USPS. It allows you to create a direct mail program on the USPS website (www.usps.com) that has the following features:

Ability to select the specific geographical area where the direct mail campaign is going to be sent. 
Ability to select whether you want to mail to businesses or residences.
No mailing lists are necessary. You do NOT need individual names and addresses.
No postage meter necessary. 
Pay for the postage on-line at the usps.com website using a credit card.
All necessary documents that need to be submitted with your direct mail pieces to the post office(s).  
Discount postage prices. (currently the price is sixteen cents ($0.16) per piece – that is subject to change) 

We’ve used EDDM for clients with some outstanding results It all starts with a carefully designed direct mail piece that gets noticed and delivers messages and special offers that compel people to act. 

Contact us to discuss a direct mail marketing campaign for your small business. 


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