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It’s hard to think of a business ororganization that should not have a website. Given the rapidly growing number of internet users globally, the internet is a place nearly all businesses should want to be and a website is a great way to establish visibility on the internet. 

To create a website, there are almost limitless options. You can create one yourself using an array of templates or you can hire someone to build your website for you. Whatever option you take, your website needs to look professional. It needs to be properly structured. It needs to be relevant. It needs to be authentic, and it needs to provide your target audience with the information and the elements to compel them to contact your business so they schedule an appointment or buy your product. You can accomplish all these things efficiently, effectively and economically.      

Contrary to what many people think, a website does not have to be extremely sophisticated, playing introductions that look like the trailer for a summer blockbuster movie with all types of bells and whistles. In fact, simple and straightforward websites that identify with a target audience and deliver the relevant information these people are searching for will perform much better than a fancy and expensive website that fails to satisfy these requirements. 

Your website is a very important part of your marketing program. In fact, we believe it’s the cornerstone of most marketing plans. Websites don’t have to be overly complicated and they don’t have to be extremely expensive. 

Remember that once your website is built, it doesn’t end there. Rather, it’s just the beginning. You need to add and implement tactics that will drive quality traffic to the website.  

Building and launching a website takes a lot of time and effort. If you have gone through this process, you will appreciate exactly what that statement really means. Unfortunately, a lot of people think when their website is launched, their work is done.  It’s time to hit cruise control and coast for awhile. That’s a big mistake.

Once your website is up and running, it should be updated each and every month. Search engines like websites that have fresh content. Most of all, people who are searching for your product or service like to see websites that are fresh too. 

Routinely updating your website on a monthly basis will improve your organic rankings on search engines. It will also improve your chances of turning those who visit your website into new business. 

The quality effort and time invested in your website will yield positive results. Failure to invest time and effort will have the opposite effect.  


Mobile Websites

The exact number depends on what study or report you read, but around 91% of American adults have a cell phone or smart phone. Ninety-one percent!  

If you aren’t already, get familiar with the word “mobile”. It’s where the internet and internet based marketing are headed. It’s going there very fast. The popularity of smart phones and tablets require that you provide users with a “mobile friendly” 
experience. Otherwise, they are likely to move on to a competitor who does. 

It all starts with a mobile version of your website or a mobile responsive design. These versions are specifically formatted to fit the small screen of a mobile device. Having your website accommodate mobile devices makes it easier to use. If you didn’t have a mobile website, a visitor using a smart phone will probably find your website cumbersome, difficult to read and hard to navigate. When a website is troublesome to read and use, visitors will leave and move on. 

The search engines are another reason to go mobile. A search conducted on Google using a mobile device is not the same as searching on Google at your desktop computer. Remember that Google, BING, Yahoo and other search engines are trying to make it easy for their users. If Google knows you are using a smart phone to conduct a search on Google (and they know), it wants to give you the best experience and the highest quality results possible. That means it will give you search results that accommodate mobile use.

Text messaging or “texting” is yet another reason. Texting is a very popular form of communication. Texting is not just about connecting with your family and friends. It’s also a way for your business to communicate with customers or patients as well as potential customers or patients. 

Simply put, if you are not taking advantage of mobile opportunities today, you are missing out on new customers or patients. If you don’t move into the world of mobile soon, you will be at a huge disadvantage. It’s that important. 

A mobile version of your website doesn't have to break the bank. There are many options that will allow you to create a mobile version of your website at a very affordable cost.

Contact us to learn more about websites and a unique design that matches your business. 


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